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A Prayer for Unfinished Business
From WorshipWeb
Dear great lathe of heaven, O foundry of souls, You churning, burning cosmos which has wrought me on the infinite loom of your celestial body. Spinning...
Holding Fast
From WorshipWeb
The world is a slippery sort of thing. It can be hard, very hard, to hold on to all the many pieces of life. In our days on this earth, we may try new...
Rabbit Looks For God
From WorshipWeb
One day, a rabbit set out from the woods, carrying a question to all the other creatures that it met....
Performing God
From WorshipWeb
"Can faith equal faith? Do gods of one faith take care of the believers of other faiths? Who will protect my god when he falters and his faith fails? Do...
I Send You Out
From WorshipWeb
I send you out now, to share yourself with the world May its promise and complexity set your mind ablaze May you hold fast to what your life has taught ...
John Murray
From WorshipWeb
There once was a person named John Murray. He lived in England, and worked as a minister there. The congregation to which he belonged took religion very...
We Make It Holy
From WorshipWeb
What is this fire? A match, a wick, a flame. What is this place? Wood, and stone, and glass. Yet here we have gathered In this place Before this flame...
Does the Match Love the Wick
From WorshipWeb
Does the match love the wick? Does the wick love the wax or the air it consumes? “Yes, without question.” To melt together, To burn together, To change...
Mouse and Crow
From WorshipWeb
There was once a crow who was very hungry. Flying over the tops of the trees, it spotted a large, tasty-looking walnut growing from one of the tallest...

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