Kathy McGowan

Southern Region Staff

Southern Region in Congregational Life

Telephone: (518) 859-9267

Email: kmcgowan@uua.org

Telephone: (518) 859-9267

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Kathy McGowan has been on the Congregational Life Staff for the Southern Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association since 2013. In that time her areas of focus have been in systems thinking, theology, conflict, intercultural sensitivity, and staff supervision. She is one of the primary teachers in the Southern Region.

She has a deep passion for Unitarian Universalism and is grounded in its history and theology. She is sensitive to marginalized groups and is committed to intercultural sensitivity. She believes in the transformative power of groups and thrives on the collaborative process. She is talented both in presentation and facilitation with a unique ability to use humor while attending to important and sensitive questions. All of her work comes from a deep respect for an individual process of spiritual development and the power of communal worship.

In addition to her congregational work, her careers have been in the areas of child welfare and theatre. She lives with her two cats in the triangle area of North Carolina. She enjoys visiting her son and daughter in New York and California.

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Equity and Justice for ALL
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