Karen G. Johnston

A smiling Rev. Karen Johnston

Karen G. Johnston (she/her/hers) is the settled minister at The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, NJ. Before becoming a minister, she spent 20+ years as a clinical social worker. Buddhist meditation and befriending death practices sustain her, as does her delightful dog, Vera, and a blessed abundance of other beings in her life.

Rev. Karen G. Johnston also facilitates ClimateSpirit in Central New Jersey. ClimateSpirit is inspired by the Work That Reconnects. It is a gathering of people filled with ritual, singing, food, & connection coming together to process their grief for the planet, that each of us can do what is ours to do.

From Karen G. Johnston

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Walking with the Wind
From WorshipWeb
Can you imagine what it was like to be inside of that house, afraid that it might fall all apart from the destructive force of the wind and the rain?
Arm’s Length: Acts of Love in the Covid Era
From WorshipWeb
Tip if you are video recording this story: you can have a clip of an adult stretching out their arm in one direction, then another clip of a different...
Pastoral Prayer of Longing
From WorshipWeb
May the invitation of prayer and meditation embrace this holy house and each precious person, moving each and all to connect with a sense of affirmation...
Magic Is Afoot
From WorshipWeb
The word liturgy is a fancy word meaning the formulation of a religious service. Its etymology tells us that it means “the work of the people.” In many...
Ever in Our Midst
From WorshipWeb
Ancestors who spoke with bravest fire, lend us your senses that we may know another world is on her way, breathed into life with our participation in he...
Constellations of Our Lives
From WorshipWeb
Humans make maps of stars, choosing some stars, ignoring others, to project our imaginations onto the heavens. These maps shift over time, across cultures.
Animal Companionship Responsive Blessing
From WorshipWeb
Leader: Ours is a world alive and aloud with the presence of creatures and critters. Animals abound, interwoven in our human lives and wholly independent.
Gratitude Confetti
From WorshipWeb
Let us ground ourselves in gratitude: using the colorful paper and something to write with, we prepare for our Gratitude Confetti ritual....
#MeToo Ritual Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Remembering to breathe and to breathe deeply and then once more, to take the breath in and let the breath out, we pause, poised as we are, at a point of...
Something on My Face: Learning How to Be in Community
From WorshipWeb
Before beginning, dramatically turn your back on the congregation and children, and place a smudge on cheek....

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