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Gould Discourse | Central East Region

2009 Gould Discourse - Kaaren Anderson
From Gould Discourse
Download the PDF of this discourse. When I see them walking down my driveway, I hide. I crouch behind a chair in the living room, tell the kids to be...

UU World

Drawing: Pigs
From UU World Magazine
Drawing from a 'weird and highly focused comfort zone.'...


Transcendence through Human Relationships
From WorshipWeb
For a long time now, I haven’t believed in a god with a will, intentionality, or consciousness. I don’t put all my eggs in the basket of a god who will...
The Kindness of Lo Mein
From WorshipWeb
My friend Marcy and her boyfriend Brian recently ate dinner at a local Chinese restaurant....
From WorshipWeb
When I was a child, the day after Thanksgiving was steeped in ritual. Every year my family would travel to Chicago for the holiday festivities. Our tour...
Reluctant Goodbyes
From WorshipWeb
I hate goodbyes. I hate everything about them. It bothers me that “goodbye” isn’t really what I think we most often want to say. When those I love...

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