Jonah Eller-Isaacs

Jonah Eller-Isaacs

Jonah Eller-Isaacs is a writer and artist living in Nashville with his wife, Kathryn Wilkening, a craft artist and the dance programs supervisor for the Nashville Metro Parks & Recreation Department, and their puppy, Rosie Pants. He previously spent six months in Africa in 2004 researching musical responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and worked for the Red Hot Organization (, a nonprofit that produces music compilations to benefit international efforts to fight HIV/AIDS.

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Life | UU World

Three African musical responses to AIDS
From Life
Recordings from Africa show the range of musical responses to the pandemic.

UU World

A kind of mirror
From UU World Magazine
I never considered myself a visual artist, but then, I never expected to have cancer.
Music vs. AIDS in Africa
From UU World Magazine
African musicians respond to a pandemic with songs of sorrow, resistance, advocacy, and hope.

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