Joel Miller

Full name: Rev. Joel Miller

The Rev. Joel Miller

The Rev. Joel Miller is interim senior minister of First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York. He previously served congregations in Canton and Buffalo, New York; Corvallis, Oregon; and Littleton, Colorado.

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Gould Discourse | Central East Region

2008 Gould Discourse - Joel Miller
From Gould Discourse
Inherent Worth and Dignity: Speaking Well of Our Congregations Gould Discourse, April 25, 2008 Download a PDF of this discourse I am deeply grateful for...

Ideas | UU World

Why I sold my guns
From Ideas
Average citizens who think they can whip a concealed gun out to shoot down a bad guy are living under a dangerous illusion.


Living Touchstones
From WorshipWeb
The spiritual touchstones I trust are found in community.
Closing Memorial Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love: Under the vast spiral of time and space, surrounded by the simple blessings of a community of care and love, we carry these...
In the Rising Sun Today
From WorshipWeb
We all know loss and pain. Let none of it divide us. In the rising sun today Let us do together what we cannot do alone: Roll away the stones that close...
Let Our Lives Be a Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Let our lives be a prayer That waters dry souls Mends broken hearts Refuses to be terrorized Seeks this world’s beauty And carries us through its storms.
Live in me, Spirit of Life (a litany)
From WorshipWeb
We pray: Live in me, Spirit of Life. We are alive Because others have lived And we all were born within homes we did not build. Live in me, Spirit of Life.

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