Hope Johnson

Full name: Rev Dr. Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson was a beloved elder in Unitarian Universalism. She served as the Congregational Life Consultant for the UUA's Central East Region and the Southern Region. She brought specialties in conflict resolution and multicultural congregational development.

She was also the former minister of UU Congregation of Central Nassau, NY, where she served for 15 years. Previously, she served as Minister of Spiritual Life at the First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, New York and Director of Religious Education at the First Unitarian of Brooklyn, New York. She also brought a wealth of experience from her years of wider UUA leadership, including the UUA Appointments Committee, the UUA Nominating Committee, the UUMA Continental Good Offices team, and a variety of UU College of Social Justice leadership position, just to name a few.

Hope Johnson passed away in November, 2020.

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Better Together | Central East Region

Are You Ready to Show the Love This Week?
From Better Together
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK, Jr....
The Waiting Season
From Better Together
The Advent Season offers each of us an opportunity to recognize that it is not only a season of waiting, but also a season of preparation. It’s a Both/And.
The Pumpkin Patch Returns to Long Island
From Better Together
As I left the Nassau Boulevard Station of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) on the first Sunday of October, I was in a hurry to meet my dear friend Matt Meyer, Master UU Drummer who was leading the...
Juneteenth Celebrations
From Better Together
JUNETEENTH is a time for reflecting and rejoicing. From its Galveston, TX origin in 1865, the African American Emancipation Day has spread across the United States, and beyond....
Does Your Congregation Have A Black Lives Matter Banner?
From Better Together
The UUA has created a webpage with a google map that shows which congregations have a Black Lives Matter banner hanging at their building. Please check the map if your congregation displays one and...

Central East Region

How to Have Difficult Conversations
From Central East Regional Group
There are times when every congregation faces the need to engage in difficult conversations.
Authentic Welcome
From Central East Regional Group
Unitarian Universalist congregations are called to celebrate multiculturalism and to be inclusive of all as affirmed in our first principle where we hon...
CER Conflict Engagement Resources
From Central East Regional Group
Conflict is natural and exists in each and every congregation offering opportunities for growth and change.

Justice and Inclusion

Interview with Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson
From Justice and Inclusion
An interview with Rev. Hope Johnson, one of two women of color granted emerita status in 2018.

Southern Region

From Southern Region
I’ve been thinking a lot about how tired I am of hearing words that include black, dark, and more, used in a negative way even as we proclaim

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