Heather K Janules

Full name: Heather K. Janules

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We Remember
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life and love, God of memory, mourning and history, Bring before us the truths of serving in war Bring before us— In compassion and in...
Called by Loss, Called by Peace
From WorshipWeb
We come this day, called by war By the suffering we inflict and endure When minds across borders fail to reason and compromise....
This Sacred Thread
From WorshipWeb
They once dwelled among us, the people of memory.
Annual Meeting Invocation
From WorshipWeb
From the power of our memory and history, With high hopes for the days that lie ahead, We gather to craft the destiny we share with one another....
For the Freedom of Faith
From WorshipWeb
Our prophets died for the freedom of faith; We are here in their spirit. We are here to practice and sustain our living tradition; To light a chalice,...

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