Evin Carvill Ziemer

Full name: Rev. Evin Carvill Ziemer

Congregational Life Consultant

Central East Region in Congregational Life

Email: eziemer@uua.org

Telephone: (330) 281-3306

Evin Carvill-Ziemer holding a door open wearing a robe and stole

Evin Carvill-Ziemer

Evin serves the Central East Region in the areas of Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Intercultural Competency work and as Primary Contact for congregations in upstate and central New York. Evin holds a Masters of Divinity from Earlham School of Religion and Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College.

Previous to this position, Evin served as a Student Minister for the Olmsted Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Intern Minister at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Rocky River Ohio, and as Interim Minister at Southwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation in North Royalton Ohio. They also served as district staff including as the Youth Coordinator in the St. Lawrence District and Ohio Meadville Districts from 2012-2014, and as the Ohio Meadville District Young Adult and Campus Ministry Consultant from 2006-2009. Before entering seminary, they worked as a science and technology teacher at the middle and high school levels, in non-profit IT support, and as an outdoor educator at Farm and Wilderness camps in Vermont.

Pronouns: I do identify as genderqueer. Many people use different pronouns for me, which is fine. You may use "she", "he", or "they" as seems appropriate to you and the context.

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