Erik Walker Wikstrom

Full name: Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom

The Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom is the former Worship and Music Resources Director for the Unitarian Universalist Association and has served congregations in Yarmouth, Maine, and Brewster, Massachusetts. He is the author of Teacher, Guide, Companion: Rediscovering Jesus in a Secular World and Simply Pray: A Modern Spiritual Practice to Deepen Your Life.

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Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice
From LeaderLab
There is virtually nothing that you can do in your congregation that is more exciting or enlivening as serving as a lay leader. Moving from receiving to giving back to your community can be a...

Skinner House Books

Faithful Practices
Everyday Ways to Feed Your Spirit
From Skinner House Books

An eclectic mix of contributors share their reflections about spiritual practices in their everyday lives and provide models for those seeking a practice of their own.

Simply Pray
A Modern Spiritual Practice to Deepen Your Life
From Skinner House Books

Building from the shared prayer forms of many faiths, here is a modern prayer-bead practice that you can make your own.

Teacher, Guide, Companion
Rediscovering Jesus in a Secular World
From Skinner House Books

Now available as an eBook.

Serving with Grace
Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice
From Skinner House Books

Discover how to experience congregational work as an integrated element in a fully rounded spiritual life.

Spirit in Practice | Tapestry of Faith

Spirit in Practice: Ten Workshops for Unitarian Universalist Adults
From Spirit in Practice
Develop regular disciplines, or practices, of the spirit—practices to connect with the sacred ground of being. 


Why We're Here
From WorshipWeb
Here, today, in this place and with these people, May we listen so that we can hear; May we hear so that we can feel; May we feel so that we can know; a...
So That We Might, Together, Shine
From WorshipWeb
When we light our chalice everyone focuses on the flame....
Chalice Lighting for the Work of the Congregation
From WorshipWeb
As we approach our agenda let us remember that we are doing the work of the congregation.* When we do the work of this congregation*, we touch lives....
A Rite of Spring: An Eastertide Celebration in Three Acts
From WorshipWeb
“[God] has written the promise of the resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” —Martin Luther Words of Welcome & Opening...

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