Erica Shadowsong

Erica Shadowsong (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist who discovered storytelling through her graduate studies in English, folklore, and music. Unitarian Universalism has been a professional home since 2011, where she enjoys being able to bring her deep love of all things spiritual, creative, and inspiration to her work as a religious educator.

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From Erica Shadowsong

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Healing Through Story
From Braver/Wiser
Dear Creative Life Force, the infinite healing power of creativity is the best gift you've given to us.
Responsible for the World
From Braver/Wiser
We are all in this together, and when bad things happen that are preventable by human means, we are all implicated.
Room for Something New
From Braver/Wiser
One day, I’ll have to care for my mother as she once cared for me. I’m not ready to handle the truth that our relationship must change.


From WorshipWeb
an original retelling Daedalus was a brilliant inventor, and he had made a career, even a legend of himself for being able to create the seemingly...
The Promise and the Practice: Story for All Ages
From WorshipWeb
The Golden Chain: an Ife Creation Story Notes: There are many versions of this creation myth, most with the same elements. These adaptations by Erica...

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