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We All Emerge
From WorshipWeb
We all emerge from Dwell within Are transformed by And called back to Love. May your mind be humbled before this Mystery. May your heart grow hopeful by...
Blessed is the Path
From WorshipWeb
Blessed is the path on which you travel. Blessed is the body that carries you upon it. Blessed is your heart that has heard the call....
Blessed Is the Sky
From WorshipWeb
Blessed is the Sky, And all that is warm and filled with light. Blessed is the Air, And all that is open and free. Blessed is the Earth, And all that is...
A Thanksgiving for the Elements
From WorshipWeb
The strength of the Earth is the stones And the same is the source of our bones. The Water flows across the ground And within our blood. The Air blows...
Winter Solstice Blessing
From WorshipWeb
With faithful progress, The Great Sun has traveled, From north to south again, And on this day pauses. So we also stand still, With the whole Earth, In...
May You Be Filled
From WorshipWeb
May you be filled with the blessings of this covenanted community. May you carry them with you as you depart from here....
Four Element Blessing
From WorshipWeb
May the firmness of the earth be yours. May the flow of the water be yours. May the freedom of the air be yours. May the fierceness of the fire be yours.
May the Spirit of Love be a living flame before you...
From WorshipWeb
My friends, may the Spirit of Love be A living flame before you, A guiding star above you, A firm path below you, And a gentle presence behind you.
There is Light
From WorshipWeb
In the beginning There was light Infinite and expansive Flowing out from an unseen center. Throughout Creation There is light From the steady Sun The...
What Does It Mean to Bless?
From WorshipWeb
What does it mean to bless? To bless does not mean Saying magical words Changing the mind of God Or altering the course of the cosmos....

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