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Gould Discourse | Central East Region

1998 Gould Discourse - Elizabeth Strong
From Gould Discourse
Wine/Wineskins: Ministers/Ministries Download a PDF of this discourse The Ministerial Fellowship Committee and the Department of Ministry are considerin...


Meditation on Winter Celebrations
From WorshipWeb
We are in the midst of the season of celebration. Celebrations: Of the birth of new hope, Of the festival of lights, Of the triumph of freedom. The...
Meditation for Yom Kippur
From WorshipWeb
Please join with me in the spirit of meditation and prayer.We have returned again to the time of Atonement, the time to look back over our lives this pa...
Autumn Meditation
From WorshipWeb
Please join with me in the spirit of meditation and prayer. We know the leaves are dying....
UU Heritage Chalice Lighting
From WorshipWeb
Our Unitarian heritage bids us light our chalice In the name of freedom, In the light of reason, In actions of tolerance. We gather in community to...
The Light for Everyone Who Comes into the World
From WorshipWeb
Reverently I offer this symbol of our hope and high intent. Reverently I bequeath this flame to you....
Today we celebrate a dream awakening
From WorshipWeb
Today we celebrate a dream awakening. Today we worship with renewed hope in our hearts. Today we act on an audacity of hopes and dreams for the future.
A Theology of Evolution
From WorshipWeb
Since the time human beings became conscious of their existence, of the reality that they will die, and of the awareness that birth creates new life, th...
Call to Worship on Easter
From WorshipWeb
Out of the earth Rises light, Rises life, Rises spring. May we join with the miracle that is springtime, and enter into life with lightness and joy....
Travelers upon the Earth
From WorshipWeb
Enter into the communion of flowers with joyful hearts. Enter with reverent thoughts. It has taken long months beneath cold ground for these flowers to...

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