Deborah Weiner

Deb Weiner

Deborah Weiner (she/her), a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, is a transitional ministry consultant with the Guild of Interim Religious Educators (GIRE) Consulting Group. She resides in Lexington, MA with her husband, Ben. Together they are parents of two adult daughters.

Deborah is a co-founder of the Guild of Interim Religious Educators, co-author of the web resource, "In Liminal Time: Resources for the Interim Journey," and co-developer of a book on interim religious education. She serves as Director of Inter-Organizational Relations for the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM), and writes at Morning Stars Rising.

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Protectors of Agency

Deborah Weiner

From Braver/Wiser
As sacred beings, we hold the wisdom to know what is best for our own selves.


Navigating Size Transitions in the Midsize Congregation

Alice Mann, Deborah Weiner

From LeaderLab
(Atlanta, GA, 2000) Following a morning worship service, Alban Institute consultant Alice Mann was introduced to lead the day's learning experience on...

Life | UU World

Bound to the last spot of land in Louisiana

Deborah Weiner

From Life
A visit to Plaquemines Parish, which Unitarian Universalists helped rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, as Hurricane Isaac approached.


a Post-Election Prayer

Deborah Weiner

From WorshipWeb
Loving and Transforming Grace, Source of creation who some know as God -- Be with us now. We have endured the hard night of struggle for our nation’s...
Prayer in Winter

Deborah Weiner

From WorshipWeb
Oh spirit of life and love, We pause for a moment on this snowy day to reflect on the changes one week can make in our lives. We celebrate the feast of...

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