Dawn Skjei Cooley

Full name: Rev. Dawn Skjei Cooley

The Rev. Dawn Cooley preaches with arms open wide.

The Rev. Dawn Skjei (SHAY) Cooley believes that Unitarian Universalists are called to "Love the Hell Out of the World" and tries to practice this on a regular basis. She is passionate about helping congregations adapt to the changing cultural religious landscape.

From Dawn Skjei Cooley

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The Bruise That Never Heals
From WorshipWeb
Bruises are a part of roller derby — a celebrated part. It’s not uncommon for players to take pictures of their biggest, most colorful shaped bruises:...
Cornbread and Cider Communion in Refugee Times
From WorshipWeb
Introduction The Cornbread and Cider Communion is a tradition in some of our congregations. With gratitude for our freedom and for our abundance, let us...
Multiple Intelligences Welcome
From WorshipWeb
The diversity of the human species is astounding. The fact that we can gather together for common experience is nothing short of a miracle....
Abundance Chalice Lighting
From WorshipWeb
We light our chalice this morning, grateful for the love that we experience in this beloved community. May the flame light the way for all who seek such...
A Litany of Wholeheartednes
From WorshipWeb
Because there have been times when shame has crushed our ability to be wholehearted We let go of who we ought to be and embrace who we are....
Lovable and Loved
From WorshipWeb
Here may you know that you are lovable and that, indeed, you are loved. And may you carry that love out into the world as a blessing.

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