David Breeden

Full name: Rev Dr. David Breeden

The Rev. Dr. David Breeden

The Rev. Dr. David Breeden is senior minister of First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has written several books on theological topics and translates the writings of philosophers of classical antiquity.

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UU World

O Peugeot of many names
From UU World Magazine
On authentically using the term ‘god.’...


What Loss Means
From WorshipWeb
The words we cast to fill the silence left by one we loved never are enough.
Wedding Benediction
From WorshipWeb
May you rejoice in the unknown. May you hug uncertainty to you tight.
A Lament
From WorshipWeb
When we feel overwhelmed, we gather to find a path, to find new ways forward.
Yes, There's No Binary
From WorshipWeb
The road not taken is not a fork. That’s too simple a thought, flipping some coin. Either/or. Nope. It’s not this or that. No or yes. It’s nor/...
Us. Here.
From WorshipWeb
This litany is intended to be read antiphonally (the congregation, split left and right, reading it to one another). Here I am, my sibling. Here I am....
Hope, Nearly Not There
From WorshipWeb
There’s no package called hope. Nothing at a shop to look for. Hope won’t store like hay in a barn. It is a last leaf on a branch in deep winter. It is...
Justice, Meaning, and Purpose
From WorshipWeb
We light this chalice remembering and honoring our own tradition and celebrating the rich diversity of traditions among us. As we search for justice,...
For Change
From WorshipWeb
For the setting sun from an airplane window; for the rising sun from a train window after riding all night; for the rising sun and setting sun in...
What Is Holy to Humanists
From WorshipWeb
Late in his life, the philosopher Richard Rorty — a well-known atheist — was asked by an interviewer if he could define holy. Perhaps the interlocutor...

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