Connie Goodbread

Acting Director, HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team

Congregational Life


Telephone: (727) 772-3508

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Connie Goodbread currently serves as the Acting Director of the Unitarian Universalist Association's HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team. Connie studied Healthy Congregations development and conflict identification and transformation with Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke. She developed a conflict process called Pathfinder that was born out of the work with Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke. Connie served as Co-Lead of UUA Southern Region for three years and has served in one capacity or another in every region of our Association during her many years as UUA field staff.

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Southern Region

Looking Forward, Looking Back
From Southern Region
Looking Forward, Looking Back, Connie Who knew that watching the Inauguration and the restoration of basic operations of our government would make us fe...
My Heart’s Song
From Southern Region
Yesterday someone said to me – “well - what will this all look like when it’s over?” The question was in earnest. I looked at them. I smiled, they needed something from me that I did not have...
Being Held in Love
From Southern Region
Remember what is at the heart of Unitarian Universalism.
Coronavirus Planning and Southern Region Events
From Southern Region
As we move forward into this anxious time, how we do what we do will make all the difference in helping to control the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Let It Be A Dance: Reflections from your Southern Region Staff Team
From Southern Region
I began ballet lessons when I was 3 years old. I remember begging my grandparents to allow me to stop playing softball - where the shirts were always
Message of Care and Support
From Southern Region
We live in frightening times. We are, on a daily basis, made aware of the fact that horrendous events happen moment by moment. In those instances, we can be re-traumatized and/or challenged in ways...
Spotlight on a New Church Year
From Southern Region
Every fall congregations begin to look at the challenges and needs they might be facing in the coming year. Please remember that the Southern Region Congregational Life Staff Team is your team. There...
A Paradigm Shift
From Southern Region
"If you don’t believe that your enemy can be redeemed you will become what you hate.” - Rev. Dr. William Barber II “I learn from my enemies,”...
Our New Co-Leads!
From Southern Region
We are delighted to be writing this blog as the Southern Region’s new Co-Leads. Wait - what? Four years ago the four District Boards that made up the...
Can You Explain the Logic?
From Southern Region
He asked, “Can you explain the logic behind having Dwight Brown Leadership Experience in May in Arkansas?” “Why, yes I can.” I replied. The...

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