Christopher Buice

The Rev. Chris Buice is minister of the Tennessee Valley UU Church in Knoxville, Tenn.

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Their spirit is still with us
From Life
One year after a gunman opened fire in the Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville, the congregation’s minister reflects on the spirituality that has...


From WorshipWeb
Once upon a time there were two rivers flowing side by side. Both rivers liked to argue about who was the best....
Daniel in the Lion's Den
From WorshipWeb
There once was a man named Daniel who was as gentle as a lamb. The King loved Daniel so much that he gave him power over the entire kingdom....
The Frog Prince
From WorshipWeb
There once was a little girl who was walking beside a creek when she happened to see a frog that looked very sad. “I wonder why that frog is so sad?”...
The Cure
From WorshipWeb
Once upon a time there was a young girl named Maggie, who found out she had a very terrible disease and probably would never be well again....
From WorshipWeb
Once upon a time, a mother and her daughter were carrying bags of food to a neighboring village where people were hungry and had no food of their own....
The Beauty Contest
From WorshipWeb
Once upon a time in a little village, there appeared a sign that said: Beauty Contest to be held this Saturday at the fair grounds. There will be a...
The Good Samaritan
From WorshipWeb
One day a merchant was traveling on a road when he was attacked by bandits....
Two Frogs
From WorshipWeb
Once, two frogs were hopping through the forest when they accidently hopped into a big churn of cream. The sides of the churn were so slick and slippery...
From WorshipWeb
Once there was a little girl who was queen of an island. One day an advisor said to her, “Your majesty, the people on this island are good, but we must...

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