Bob Janis-Dillon

Bob Janis-Dillon joyfully serves as Partnership Minister of the Merseyside Unitarian Ministerial Partnership in Northwest England, serving congregations in Warrington, Bryn, and Chester. Visit his blog/poetry site.

From Bob Janis-Dillon

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Among the Syrian Refugees
From WorshipWeb
Note: this reflection was written at the end of Rev. Janis-Dillon's week in Samos, Greece working in a Syrian refugee center....
Let the Artists Win
From WorshipWeb
I vote we let the artists win the ones covered in paint from their last attempt to smuggle across the beauty of a bowl of fruit the 14-year-old rapper...
Deal with God
From WorshipWeb
Sometimes I offer to make a deal with God. “I’ll tell you about my resistance to prayer,” I say, “If you’ll explain the Holocaust.” God...
Jesus at the Parade
From WorshipWeb
Later there were mutterings at the bar, and throughout the law courts, that Jesus only showed at the gay pride parade to love the jewel, but not the...

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