Bart Frost

As a lifelong Unitarian Universalist (UU), Bart has a great passion for youth and young adult ministry. He served the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans as Director of Religious Education before joining the UUA in the role of director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries from 2014-2019. He had also brought ten years’ of prior UUA leadership experience from a variety of volunteer roles.

As a product of UU youth and young adult ministry and leadership opportunities, Bart feels his life has been greatly impacted by his involvement in Unitarian Universalism and hopes to support the creation of opportunities for others to be inspired by their faith. Bart lives in New Orleans with his partner Amelia and their three cats.

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Future of Faith | Blue Boat

Religious Professionals Made a Difference
From Future of Faith
Unitarian Universalism (UU), specifically Summer Seminary. Summer Seminary is a week-long introduction to what being a religious professional could look...
Being Stewards and Living Generously
From Future of Faith
One of the best things about church is that it is an intentional community where you can live your values. In a world where almost everything is based on a transactional "fee-for-service" system,...
Taking a Small Risk for Big Growth
From Future of Faith
How Smart Congregations Grow Members This summer at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly, our Youth Media Volunteers interviewe...
And the Mic Dropped...
From Future of Faith
Bro! Listen to the kids! On Sunday, August 30th, Kanye West gave a speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. I know, I know, that happened a week ago, but I...
Millennials and Church
From Future of Faith
Where Do Unitarian Universalists Fit In? Unitarian Universalism? It means we need to look at the ways our congregations minister to Millennials. 44% of...
"Tracing Their Steps" – Reflections from Selma Pt. 4
From Future of Faith
Marching Forward Events of 50 Years Ago Today This is the final installment in a series of reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Marches....
7th Principle Moments
From Future of Faith
Greenhouses of Hope: Congregations Growing Young Leaders Who Will Change the World. In it, one of the writers describes a congregation’s youth ministry...

General Assembly for Youth & Young Adults | Blue Boat

New to GA: Media Volunteers!!
From General Assembly for Youth & Young Adults
Timely Timeless Stories from Unitarian Universalist General Assembly General Assembly from their point of view, working on team-specific projects, and...

Guides and Tools | Blue Boat

"Sustainable Youth Ministy" Does What it Says, So You Should Really, Really Read It
From Guides and Tools
Sustainable Youth Ministry is one of the seminal books about youth ministry and explores a number of crucial concepts.
Full Circle Rounds Up Youth Ministry Essentials
From Guides and Tools
Bart circles back to re-read Kate Erslev's "Full Circle- Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs" and finds its as indispensable as ever for anyone growing...

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Bart Frost looking contemplative
Bart Frost speaking at General Assembly 2015