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The Harmony of Healing
From WorshipWeb
The Congregational minister stopped me in the aisle of the supermarket a few months after I had unexpectedly recovered from a serious illness. With a...
The Miraculous Pitcher
From WorshipWeb
During the hot Nebraska summers of my childhood, I spent hours, high in my treehouse, devouring the books I found in the small collection my parents had...
Poem in a Time of Peril
From WorshipWeb
Of course truth is hard. It is a rock. Yet I do not think it will fall upon me And crush me. I do not think they can hammer it to bits And stone me....
Comfort Ye My People
From WorshipWeb
I wasn't flattered when one of my daughters confided that she had thought of me as "The Big There-There" when she was three years old. If I remember...

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