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Prayer for Hopelessness
From WorshipWeb
The days that come and carry away your spirit, your spark — bow down. Lay your head on the hard earth and let your brokenness join the death that is...
Board Investiture Ritual
From WorshipWeb
In a free religious community, to serve is the highest expression of our commitment and love. To be asked to lead is the highest honor....
Prayer for Veteran's Day
From WorshipWeb
Today, we bow our heads in recognition of the great service and sacrifice some have been asked to make....
Prayer for the Morning
From WorshipWeb
Did you rise this morning, broken and hung over with weariness and pain and rage tattered from waving too long in a brutal wind? Get up, child....
We Are Not Done
From WorshipWeb
Do not think we are finished— oh no we will never be finished never just done until the light of justice is lit behind every eye....
We inherit this free faith from the brave and gentle
From WorshipWeb
This light we kindle is set in the lamp of our history. We inherit this free faith from the brave and gentle, fierce and outspoken hearts and minds that...
Peacemakers of a New World
From WorshipWeb
Holy Spirit, God of Ages and so many names, we gather once again to rejoice in the light offered to the world by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....

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