Annette Marquis

Full name: Annette S. Marquis

Telephone: 617-948-4294

Annette S. Marquis

Annette celebrates her 25th anniversary as a Unitarian Universalist in 2016. She began working for the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2008, as District Executive of the Southeast District (formerly known as Thomas Jefferson). She moved to her current position as (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, andQueer) and Multicultural Programs Director in 2012.

Prior to coming to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Annette had a dual-career in computer software training and social work. She co-authored more than twenty-five software books on Microsoft Office and was a partner in TRIAD Consulting, LLC, a software training and development company. She served as executive director of several community-based crisis intervention and substance abuse treatment centers and spent ten years as an administrator of chemical dependency programs for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

In addition to an MSW in Community Organizing and Planning from Boston University, Annette has an MFA in Creative NonFiction from Solstice MFA Program at Pine Manor College. She is the author of Resistance: A Memoir of Civil Disobedience in Maricopa County from Skinner House and has been a contributor to several other Skinner House books. She occasionally blogs at Marquistory.

Annette is a founding member and first president of Allies for Racial Equity. She is also a founding member of the Living Legacy Project, which, among other things, sponsors civil rights pilgrimages to the Deep South, and, in March 2015, hosted the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Voting Rights Campaign conference, Marching in the Arc of Justice. For her local congregation, First Unitarian Universalist of Richmond, Annette serves as Director of the Richmond Pledge, a community-based effort to end racism.

Annette lives in the oldest shire in the United States, Henrico County, Virginia, with her wife, Wendy, where she loves to hike, kayak, and absorb the incredible history of this complicated region.

Annette S. Marquis, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Director, is the author of Resistance: A Memoir of Civil Disobedience in Maricopa County (Skinner House Books, 2012).

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