Angela Herrera

Full name: Rev. Angela Herrera

The Rev. Angela Herrera

The Rev. Angela Herrera is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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After 9/11, can Unitarian Universalists talk about evil?
From Ideas
Despite religious liberals' uneasiness with the word, we have something important to say about evil.


How Poets Pray
From WorshipWeb
What do you do with the secret verses of your heart? With your need for redemption, the story without words? With paradoxical truths, too private and...
Utterance of the Timeless Word
From WorshipWeb
You bring yourself before the sacred, before the holy, before what is ultimate and bigger than your lone life bigger than your worries bigger than your...
The Bath
From WorshipWeb
This is what one hundred years look like: A rounded wrinkled back, sparkling wet and soapy above the shower bench, and my hand, having ­gently formed in...
Uncounted Psalm
From WorshipWeb
Why did I listen to Your calling, O God? Why did I step out on faith, O Love? Why did I lift my feet, ignore my fear, and run ­toward the unknown? Now I...
Lucky Streak
From WorshipWeb
Who cast a spell over my world? Who opened the doors, stirred the crowd of possibilities, put gold dust in my dreams causing my life to turn? O Fate, O...
Prayer for Travelers / Oración Para Los Viajeros
From WorshipWeb
In English This is a prayer for all the travelers. For the ones who start out in beauty, who fall from grace, who step gingerly, looking for the way back.

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