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A Chaplain's Blessing
From WorshipWeb
This work isn’t all prayers and beautiful moments, nor is it laments and trauma. It’s not even both/and, because this work is something greater than...
Blessed Are We
From WorshipWeb
Blessed are we who gather with open hearts, together, in this space, today. Blessed are we: the chalice-lighters of resistance, justice, love, and faith.
The Longest Night: a Solstice Meditation
From WorshipWeb
The winter solstice is a time to look back upon our ancestors, gather our family and friends close, and rejoice in the return of the sun....
Be About the Work
From WorshipWeb
May we see all as it is, and may it all be as we see it. May we be the ones to make it as it should be, For if not us, who? If not now, when?
Come, Gather In
From WorshipWeb
In the houses of the holy, the world pauses. In the hearts of the holy, Love abides. In the havens of the holy, Hope comforts....
United by Story and Bound by Love
From WorshipWeb
Gather we now into this space, this time when the Wheel turns and the Veil shatters. Gather we now to remember, to grieve, to prophesy, to complete our...

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