Adam Lawrence Dyer

Adam Lawrence Dyer is an educator and an LGBT- and justice-reform activist and currently leads the California Equity Ministry Network. He is pursuing a master of divinity degree at The Pacific School of Religion. He has a background in wellness, including massage therapy, personal training, fitness, and dance.

From Adam Lawrence Dyer

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Ideas | UU World

‘Black Panther’ and the search for community among black UUs
From Ideas
Is Unitarian Universalism an oasis or a war zone for blacks?
UU conversation about Ta-Nehisi Coates’s ‘Between the World and Me’
From Ideas
A discussion of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s provocative new book Between the World and Me.

Skinner House Books

Love Beyond God
From Skinner House Books

This timely collection of poems explores faith, race, love, identity, and more, and invites us to think deeply about our place and role in contemporary society. The latest installment in the popular Skinner House inSpirit series.

UU World

The United States of Otherness
From UU World Magazine
A Dixieland chorus of separate lines / Just lucky to be in the same key, in the same room.


First Breath
From WorshipWeb
That first breath must be delicious. It must be more tantalizing, more intoxicating than any drug, fragrant like no flower will ever be enticing like no...
From WorshipWeb
Don’t speak to me of “healing” racism, or “wounded souls” or the “painful hurt” until you are willing to feel the scars on my...
The Nod
From WorshipWeb
You’ve seen it. Two black men pass each other on the street. They nod. Subtle, sometimes imperceptible, but there is acknowledgement. “Do you know...

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