EqUUal Access

We are Unitarian Universalists living with disabilities, our families, friends, and allies coming together for a common purpose: To enable the full engagement of people with disabilities in Unitarian Universalist communities and the broader society. We envision a future where there are no attitudinal, physical or communication barriers preventing full participation in the life of our Unitarian Universalist communities and the broader society.

Our work includes:

• Raising awareness, empowering change, and promoting a framework for advocacy grounded in our Unitarian Universalist faith;

• Providing resources to help Unitarian Universalist communities become barrier-free and inclusive;

• Incorporating the gifts of ministry offered by people with disabilities into the faith community;

• Enabling Unitarian Universalist congregations to understand and minister to the spiritual and personal needs of people with disabilities, their families, and friends;

• Collaborating with other Unitarian Universalist organizations and the Unitarian Universalist Association to counter oppression.