Holocaust Remembrance / Yom Ha'Shoah

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  • Prayer of Those Who Remember

    Paul Oakley

    From WorshipWeb
    God of our hearts, God of our understandings, God who gives us hope and inspires us to commitment, God who commands us to remember: We come together tod...
  • Never Fully Extinguished

    Patricia Shelden

    From WorshipWeb
    In this hour of holy stillness we gather to honor the life and the person we love. In this hour of Holy Stillness we remind ourselves that the flames of...
  • Yom Ha'Shoah / Holocaust Rembrance
    Yom Ha'Shoah is a Jewish observance commemorating the lives and heroism of the six million Jewish people who died in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945.
  • The Gift of a Raspberry

    Martha Dallas

    From WorshipWeb
    This was created as a Message for All Ages for a service honoring Yom Ha’Shoah, the Jewish holiday for Holocaust Remembrance. In 2016, Yom Ha'Shoah...
  • Remembering Yom Ha Shoah

    Karen Mooney

    From WorshipWeb
    Today we light our candle of remembrance....
  • Ceremony of Remembrance: Yom Hashoah

    Mary Wellemeyer

    From WorshipWeb
    Note: Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2016 begins in the evening of Wednesday, May 4 and ends in the evening of Thursday, May 5. This week holds...