White Supremacy Culture - Characteristics and Antidotes (2021)

A drawing of bottles with characteristics of white supremacy culture printed on them.

Tema Okun's website White Supremacy Culture is a multimedia "book," a resource for digging in to the concepts in her 2021 revision of The Characteristics of and Antidotes to White Supremacy Culture. This work has expanded and become more nuanced and explicitly class-conscious and intersectional since many UUs first encountered the model in the 2017 UU teach-ins on white supremacy.

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture are cultural norms, implicit in much of American culture, that add up to a disproportionate negative impact on BIPOC and/or otherwise-marginalized people. From the resource: "White supremacy culture is the widespread ideology baked into the beliefs, values, norms, and standards of our groups (many if not most of them), our communities, our towns, our states, our nation, teaching us both overtly and covertly that whiteness holds value, whiteness is value."

The resource makes clear that White Supremacy Culture can be upheld and enacted by people of all racial identities, and its Antidotes can be supported and lived into by people of all racial identities. Engaging with the liberating, invitational Antidotes is work we can all do, together.