Knotty Conversations for Dismantling White Supremacy

Knotty Conversations title

Knotty Conversations is an online program designed for teams who are navigating the challenges of dismantling white supremacy in a congregational context. Topics covered include:

  • cultural appropriation
  • calling out, calling in, and staying together
  • dealing with shame, fragility, and denial
  • following the leadership of people of color, and
  • allies, accomplices, and collective liberation.

This program gives participants an opportunity to consider and discuss these issues from different angles and perspectives, to try on some new ideas, to ask some hard questions of themselves and/or each other, and to share some of the concerns these issues raise for them as they work for transformation in their congregations. Because the course is conversation-based, conversations will be more beginner-level with beginners, and more advanced with people who’ve been engaged in anti-racism/anti-oppression work long-term.