Beloved Conversations

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Designed for congregations that wish to become more anti-racist and multiculturally-inclusive, Beloved Conversations involves white and BIPOC adults in anti-racist, multicultural learning. Different modules focus participants on their individual development and socialization ("Within,") their relationships and their congregation ("Among,") and their congregation's work in the community ("Beyond.")

The format of Beloved Conversations originally involved in-person retreats with Fahs Collaborative staff, with small groups that continued past the retreat. During the pandemic the Collaborative launched Beloved Conversations Virtual which includes large- and small-group learning in cohorts and identity groups online.

Historically, Beloved Conversations has been designed for adults. In 2022, Beloved Conversations piloted a new program for BIPOC and multiracial families including children and youth.

These programs are under regular review, with revisions made to keep current with evolving needs, understandings, and pedagogy for anti-racist multicultural change in Unitarian Universalist contexts.