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Breaking Down the Silos Part 2

What do we do when the Green Sanctuary team and the Racial Justice Task Force and the Housing Advocacy Group and the Immigration Ministry all seem to be in competition with one another for members, resources, and visibility? Without an intersectional analysis—seeing how all systems of oppression are interlinked—we can get caught in patterns of “siloed” social justice work in our congregations that can make us less effective, or even cause harm. In this two-part webinar, we will explore a framework for deeply integrated, system-wide social justice work in the congregation, and think about how to move from single-issue teams toward a more holistic way of living out our commitments to justice.

In Part II of this webinar, participants will share findings about their own congregations’ social justice work through the lens of the assessment model presented in part one. We will then talk about processes and strategies for fostering change and moving toward system-wide integration of justice principles and practices in all areas of congregational life.

Social Justice Congregations MUUSJA Rubric January 2018 (PDF)

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Breaking Down the Silos Part 2 (PPT)

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Webinar originally presented February 2018

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Ashley Horan

Rev. Ashley Horan is the Organizing Strategy Director of the UUA, where she works with a team of faithful organizers and movement builders to shape the justice work of Unitarian Universalism to be spiritually grounded and politically effective....

Pastor Danny Givens
Pastor Danny Givens is the Statewide Organizer for Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance.…;...
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