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YES! Massachusetts says YES on 3!!!!

Jade Sylvan's godson, Alex, celebrates Yes on 3.

By Jade Sylvan

Massachusetts says YES on 3!!!!

In an overwhelming victory, Massachusetts has voted to uphold protections for its transgender and gender nonconforming citizens. Read a full breakdown.

The fact that this win was expected does not diminish its importance. Nearly 70% of the votes cast for Question 3 were in favor of upholding protections based on gender-identity. A margin this strong sends a powerful message across the country. TRANSGENDER RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

While we celebrate this victory, we envision a country where no one’s right to live is put up to a public vote. Yes on 3 was an important win, and we vow to channel that positive energy to continue to fight for the rights of people of all genders to live their truest and fullest lives. We believe in a world in which all genders are celebrated openly, and where no one is forced to align themselves with an identity that is not their own. We will continue to work until this vision is reality.

For now, we uplift the lives and experience of trans and gender nonconforming individuals both within Unitarian Universalism and beyond.

May you feel held and seen in your truth.

May you feel loved as you are.

May it be so!

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Jade Sylvan

Jade is a 2nd-year Mdiv candidate at Harvard Divinity School, and is currently a UUA Aspirant. Before pursuing their call to ministry, Jade found fulfillment and success as a writer, producer, performing artist, and teacher. Jade is the author of Kissing Oscar Wilde (2013 Write Bloody Publishing)...


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