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Reflection on Transgender Remembrance Day

Transgender Day of Remembrance Chalice

The UUA recognizes Transgender Day of Remembrance - 11.20.17

By Paul Langston-Daley

This is a day of remembrance—to recall those who’s very being

was not seen as a divine gift

but seen instead as different and dangerous.

We mourn their loss.

Their contribution to this world

cut short.

And in these times,

when all we have worked for

seems to be unraveling,

I see a call not just for remembrance,

but also for resistance and resilience.

We hold within each of us,

the spark of the divine,

the love of the divine,

the image of the divine.

We hold within each of us,

A sense of need

(Not want, but need.)

to be both visible and invisible

at the same time.

Visible to those with eyes to see.

Invisible to those who see difference as dangerous.

We hold within each of us,

the need, (not want, but need)

to build brave space around us

where we can move

and speak

and be witnessed

in love.

Even as we face the death of so many of our siblings,

we recognize the power of our struggle

not just for our own liberation,

but for the liberation of all.

We bring attention to the false dichotomy.

We threaten the binary.

If the binary is not valid here,

where else does it fail us?

This is not an idle threat,

but one that challenges

the very foundation

upon which

the white, cis-gender, heteropatriarchy is built.

To resist this binary and invite something more…


To be intentional in our resistance, our disruption.

To know that our very presence

is our power

And our power, could be legion.

We enter spaces,

transgress the binary,

by stealth or invitation.

Inviting a deeper conversation,

the possibility of opening perspectives.

Whether we are visible or invisible

we build brave space around us

space where we can claim our truth

and we are witnessed.

Providing us the strength and the choice

to remove our shoes,

and offer them up to others in the name of

Understanding, empathy and love.

Resilience comes,

from the belonging and love of community

from the memory of those who have gone before us.

For them.

Because of them.

We remember,

We resist.

We are resilient.