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HIV/AIDS: Georgia Leads the Nation

AID Atlanta

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By Derek Rounsley

Georgia and the Southeastern United States are in crisis because of HIV/AIDS.

The people living in the Southern region of the United States are at the highest risk of contracting HIV.

Now that I have your attention I want to provide some statistics for the State of Georgia.

Georgia leads the nation, but for all the wrong reasons!

  • Atlanta ranks No. 5 in the number of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses
  • Georgia ranks No. 2 in number of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses
  • At diagnosis, almost 1/3 of patients in Atlanta have advanced to clinical AIDS
  • 60% of new HIV infections in Georgia happen in Dekalb & Fulton Counties
  • 1 in 51 Georgians will become HIV+
  • 1 in 2 African-American Men will become HIV+

We can change this; we have done it before and we can do it again!

I’ve partnered with AID Atlanta to get the data I presented above. AID Atlanta is the largest and oldest HIV/AIDS service organization in the state of Georgia. They are also the producer of the AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run. This year, they will host the 28th Annual event on Sunday, October 21st in beautiful Piedmont Park. That’s right—the weekend after the Atlanta Pride Parade. So if you will be in the ATL for Pride, don’t party to hard during because we expect you to join our walk / run this year. We need need your heart, hands, and feet in combating the stigma that continues to plague communities in the Southeast, like gay and bisexual African-American men, Latinx/Hispanic communities, heterosexual women, and migrant populations.

Your support is critical in being able to assist AID Atlanta and our seven participating organizations in providing free HIV testing, housing, medical treatment, resources, and mental health support to those who need it the most. We need more public voices advocating for our cause, which is why I would encourage you to be involved with our 2018 event. HIV/AIDS must become a priority problem for EVERY CITIZEN of Georgia, the Southeastern United States, and all the states!

I am asking you as Unitarian Universalists to partner with AID Atlanta by donating to our Faithify fundraiser TODAY! The campaign ends on 06/30/2018.

I also encourage your congregation to adopt an HIV/AIDS organization in your area of the country to engage and sponsor.

Thank You!