Uplift: Uplifting LGBTQ+ Experience Within and Beyond Unitarian Universalism

UPLIFT Coming Out Day!

Coming Out Day is not a call to arms for all queers to bounce up and announce themselves, and we've gotten better at explaining how being publicly out is not always the right thing for every single person every single moment.

It is important to me that while we are telling people they don't have to come out, we should do so while being really clear about why we do come out.

Coming Out is a way for those of us who can, to do; to hold the door open, to boldly proclaim with strong voice, with open hearts and arms saying, "We are here because we can. They did not kill us. And now we are here for you. You be where you can be, we got your back."

Coming Out Day means that those of us who can then turn so that we are in front of those who yet cannot and, face to the hordes, the vile speech, denigrating behavior, discrimination and violence that comes for us, we declare as loudly and clearly as we can, "Go 'head. Bring it. You have to go through us to get to them."

On Coming Out Day, we don't just come out of the door, we guard it.

CB Beal
Justice and Peace Consulting