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Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

A pink, purple, and blue bisexual pride flag with a rainbow UU Chalice graphic and the text: "Celebrate Bisexuality Day Monday, September 23rd"

By Jade Sylvan

September 23rd is Celebrate Bisexuality Day! 

"Bisexual" is one of the primary words I used to describe my sexuality in addition to "queer," and "pansexual."

As a young teenager, the word "bisexual" was the first sexual identifier that felt like home to me. I experienced "straight" and "gay" communities as unfitting and unwelcoming, but being BISEXUAL meant I wasn't limited to just one gender. It became a lifesaving label that helped me to feel like I had a place in the world. 

As a nonbinary and genderfulid person, the term "bisexual" still feels affirming to me, and not only for nostalgic reasons. I experience the term as expansive, and I appreciate that it's explicitly non-monosexual. To me being "bisexual" encompasses being attracted to people both with and without gender. On that spectrum there are infinite possibilities. 

Even though I've been bisexual my whole life, close friends and family still "forget" I'm not monosexual. Now that I'm married to a woman, people who have known me for years will say "Oh, so you don't like men." Wrong. Still wrong. 

I've commiserated over this type of bi erasure with countless bi and pan friends. Do better, monos! 

This September 23rd, Celebrate Bisexuality.

If you're bi, IT'S YOUR DAY! Celebrate yourself! Celebrate "and" instead of "or!" Sit on this chair

If you're not bi, celebrate the bisexuals in your life! Let them know you see them in all their fullness. Make them this chair

Amen! Blessed be! Don't sit straight <3

About the Author

Jade Sylvan

Jade is a 2nd-year Mdiv candidate at Harvard Divinity School, and is currently a UUA Aspirant. Before pursuing their call to ministry, Jade found fulfillment and success as a writer, producer, performing artist, and teacher. Jade is the author of Kissing Oscar Wilde (2013 Write Bloody Publishing)...


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