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A Prayer for the Bodymind Ineradicable

By Rev. Molly Brewer

Spirit of Life Abundant,

Life multifaceted and diverse,

Whose care cannot be withheld:

Open us to the possibility that we, too, contain space within us

For this radical abundance of care.

When one of us is erased or threatened by the evil of ableism,

All of us are erased and threatened.
Help us give no quarter to atrocity,

Awaken us to our own ineradicable nature.

In the places where we are worn and cracked,

Fill our every break and every fissure

With the binding mortar of love for life in all its forms.

Fill our patched souls with the fire of warmth, comfort, and justice

So that our vulnerability becomes our source of strength.

Bless the endurance of our foundations,

And bless, too, the gift of our lives,

The strength of our loving.

We are more than what is done to us.

We are more than what we merely survive.

Bless each of us:

Our hands that shake,

Our mouths that will not be controlled,

Our minds that defy explanation,

Our hearts that beat to spite the silence.

Spirit, be the call to Love that we answer

As we claim Life Abundant as our birthright.

Amen and Blessed Be.

About the Author

Rev. Molly Brewer

Rev. Molly Brewer (fae/faer pronouns) is a fat, queer, neurodivergent Unitarian Universalist minister based in New England, where fae lives with faer spouse and three cats....


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