Youth Value the 8th Principle

This video features two Directors of Religious Education who have developed innovative programs for teaching about the 8th Principle.

Jennifer Blosser, DRE, UU Fellowship of Harford County
Project Octave: An Escape Zoom is a virtual escape room experience which uses Google Suite and several free, online services to enable game play. The purpose of this game is to open discussion about the need for the 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism. Participants are cast as members of an ad hoc committee tasked with figuring out who hacked the congregation’s email system to send a cryptic message. During an hour of gameplay, they will solve puzzles, access documents, scrutinize slideshows, and even make a phone call to reveal the truth of Project Octave. This is a collaborative, shared experience through which players will foster fellowship and participate in a reflective follow-up discussion.

Sheila Schuh, DRE, First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY
At First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, children and youth voted to embrace the 8th Principle a few years ago in their RE annual meetings. Since then, the program includes Jubilee kids, Junior Youth Jubilee, and Love and Justice retreats and programming for youth. The 8th principle lens is foundational to children's worship, other curricular offerings, and social action awareness.Children and youth will share their reflections about how their UU faith formation has been impacted with the 8th Principle and building Beloved Community prioritized, including clips of experiences.