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Peter Bowden

The need for our congregations to effectively engage with people online has never been greater! In this free five-session series, Peter Bowden shares video-based strategies to support online visitors, increase engagement with weekly worship themes, and amplify advocacy and witness efforts.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

It has always been challenging for congregations to keep up as the world changes around them. The pandemic has taken this to a new level.

Over the last two years, our world has experienced exponential change. When it comes to changes in behavior, expectations, and adoption of technology, we have probably seen 10 YEARS’ worth of change since the pandemic started.

  • The pandemic has accelerated digital trends, placing the internet and media at the heart of the average person’s life.
  • It has led to an even steeper decline in church participation. People have gotten out of the habit of attending.
  • It has worsened social isolation in the United States, what was considered a “loneliness epidemic” even before the pandemic hit.
  • We are also facing growing threats from climate change to the rise of fascism and hate.

There has never been a greater need for spiritual community, Unitarian Universalism, and our congregations!

For us to meet the challenges and opportunities of this time, we must harness the power of the communication tools of our time. Among them, I believe video is perhaps the most important!

My hope is that this training will help inspire you and your congregation to embrace video as an essential aspect of your ministry strategy.

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Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden is a Unitarian Universalist speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in congregational growth, outreach, and media. Learn more about his work and projects at Peter Bowden—Helping Unitarian Universalists lead and grow amazing congregations.

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