UUA Branding, Logo and Graphics

The goal of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) brand identity is to create a shared way for Unitarian Universalists to effectively communicate who we are, what we do, and why it matters. There is power in numbers. The more UU congregations, groups and individuals who use the brand identity, the louder our voices can become and the more likely we are to break through the media noise with our message of healing and hope.

Download the UU Brand Identity guidelines (PDF) for how local congregations can use images, text, colors and design elements in a shared approach to communicate our core values.

See also UUA Colors and Design Elements.

Logo Symbol

As a unifying element, the logo is recognized as distinctively UU. It is used for official communications, but can also be adapted as a design element. The logo should always be clear and legible when it is used.

These various file formats provide the best possible logo reproduction for any foreseeable applications. Please use these materials rather than scanning or photocopying from printed materials, which would reduce the quality of the result.

Vector (EPS) files are good for graphics editors and require image-editing software. TIF files are good for use in publishing software like Microsoft Word. Right-click or Ctrl-click on the links to get an option to "Save Target As...." (or similar) to download any of the following files.

UUA Chalice Gradient Version (Preview) (red shading to orange)

Gradient Chalice Downloads

UUA Chalice Solid Red (Preview)

Solid Red Chalice Downloads

UUA Chalice Solid Black Version (Preview)

Solid Black Chalice Downloads

White chalice over checkerboard background

Solid White Chalice Downloads

This has a clear background for overlaying on color background. It is invisible against a white background.

Unitarian Universalist Chalice Logo (white and pink)

Reversed Red Chalice Downloads

UUA Chalice Reverse Black (Preview)

Reversed Black Chalice Downloads


Rainbow Chalice Downloads