UUA Design Elements

Gradients and Patterns

Gradient Color Details

Aside from the primary red color, PMS 1925 C/U, the other two colors should not be used for any purpose other than in the gradient. Any other usage is not a part of the approved color palette.

You will need the color system (choose one from among Pantone, CMYK, RGB, or Hex), opacity (100% for each) and location to reproduce the gradient (one color fading to the next) in Adobe Illustrator.

Color Gradient Details
Color Pantone RGB CMYK Hex Location
Peach 472 C/U 251 180 122 0 34 56 0 #fbb47a 0%
Red 1925 C/U 238 46 90 0 95 52 0 #ee2e5a 63.8%
Maroon 193 C/U 204 36 58 14 99 81 3 #cc243a 100%

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