Theme-Based Ministry: A Keystone Habit Bringing Alignment, Depth and Sanity to a Church Near You!

There was a time when we assumed that “bigger menus” equaled greater impact, that more programs meant reaching more people. Turns out it just leads to member confusion, spiritual shallowness and leadership burn-out! So, are there ways to simplify our worship and small group ministries and make them more compelling at the same time? Could it be that less options and clearer steps serve our members better than smorgasbords of programs that promise people they can have whatever they want? And is it possible that theme-based church might break down the walls between our congregations?

This 2-hour workshop answers with a resounding, “Yes!” We will look at a number of theme-based church models and discuss how we can tweak those models to fit our own settings. Our focus will be practical, not just theoretical, making sure we walk away with something concrete to take back home. The recorded workshop is for Ministers, Adult Faith Formation Professionals and Small Group Lay Leaders.

A Keystone Habit (Part 1)

It's Transformative (Part 2)

It's Transformative (Part 3)

It's Transformative (Part 4)

What Does It Take (Part 5)

Tips to Make Themes Sticky (Part 6)

Powerful Small Group Ministry (Part 7)

Transforming Children's Spiritual Development (Part 8)

Next Steps (Part 9)

About the Author

Scott Tayler

Scott served as the UUA Director of Congregational Life until June 30, 2017, overseeing our Regional and District Field staff....

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