Meaningful Worship for Small Congregations

Help people live lives of purpose and meaning by providing worship experiences that grapple with the big questions.

Creating worship can be faith formation for a lot of people. Helping to create and lead worship can be a unique spiritual practice for some Unitarian Universalists. Worship design can be fulfilling for some members, it's a chance to really look at worship and how to help people make meaning and how to discover for yourself what matters to you.

"This I Believe" Questions

  • What do I myself believe and respond to this question?
  • How does this belief impact how I live?
  • How do I know what I know?
  • Why do I believe this thing?
  • And how does one of my beliefs fit well with the other beliefs?
  • Do I have some inconsistency within my belief system?

Some Big Questions of Systematic Theology

  1. Is there any kind of god, goddess, source of all, Jedi force, unifying energy, higher power? If so, how would you describe it?
  2. What is the nature of human beings? Are people born good or bad? Do we stay that way? What changes us for the better or the worse?
  3. Does our life have meaning? What is the point of our existence? What should or can we do to lead a good and meaningful life?
  4. What is the nature of evil? Why do people do bad things? What can we do about it? What should we do when we have done wrong?
  5. What happens to us after we die? How does this inform how we live?
  6. Who am I to use as an example of a well lived life? Who inspires you or provides a good role model?
  7. What is the purpose and nature of the church, temple, fellowship, religious organization? Why do we gather this way? What should we do there? What is the role of your congregation in the world?

About the Authors

Sarah Movius Schurr

The Rev. Sarah Movius Schurr joined the PWR team in 2016. She serves as primary contact for all congregations in the states of Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. In addition to her primary contact work, Sarah is the PWR specialist for small congregation concerns.

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