Giving and Values: Stewardship as Family Spiritual Practice

By Stewardship for Us, Barry Finklestein

Additional presenter: Ann Richards

Explore how Stewardship and Religious Education committees and staff can create a dynamic and engaging stewardship element in a family’s spiritual life. This workshop includes specific activities to inspire multigenerational family conversations about pledging, values, and our UU faith. The workshop emphasizes collaboration among multiple congregational committees and leaders.

Slides (pdf)

About the Authors

Stewardship for Us

The Stewardship For Us (s4us) Team, is based on a simple principle and a long history. The principle is that stewardship is important to all of us....

Barry Finklestein

Barry Finkelstein has been a Unitarian Universalist congregational stewardship consultant since the Fall of 2007 and has worked with over fifty congregations on annual budget drives, capital campaigns, and strategic planning....

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