Copyright Policy

Part of A Guide to Creating a Board Policy Book

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Congregations need to follow copyright laws and ensure their leaders and staff are aware of these laws. 
The issues surrounding copyright and worship are complex and often confusing. You will also want to review the resource Copyright Primer for Congregations.

Sample Policy

Any use of copyrighted works in connection with congregational activities must be conducted in accordance with applicable law. Works that may be subject to copyright include, for example, music, recorded performances, written works, videos and movies.

If copyrighted material is to be used during any congregation-sponsored event or activity or in any publication or communication, it is the responsibility of the event organizer(s) to secure any necessary rights to use the material and to provide appropriate documentation of these rights to the Congregational Administrator.

Copyrighted readings and live or recorded music may be used in our Sanctuary for religious services without such permission. Copyrighted video may not be used without permission.

Copyrighted material may not be included in any video or audio recording of the service, nor may we distribute copies of copyrighted sheet music, readings, etc. without permission from the copyright holder.

Permission to show movies or other video must be obtained by the committee or group sponsoring the showing, and documentation must be provided to _________. No movie titles will be listed on the official church calendar, website, Facebook page, or other communications until the necessary rights have been obtained.