Best Annual Budget Drive Ever: Part Two - Talking About Money

Recognizing the baggage we bring and the anxiety many of us have about money and stewardship, how can we talk about sharing our gifts in service of the whole, that is, our beloved faith community. How can we talk to one another about our dreams and vision for our church—linked to the money it will take to turn those dreams into a reality. We will explore mission/program-based budgeting and strategic financial planning. And how to talk with your kids about money. We will share giving stories from other UUs, who dug deep to support their annual and capital campaigns. What can we learn from their stories? What are our stories? 2017

Best Annual Budget Drive Ever: Part Two - Talking About Money

About the Authors

Patricia Infante

Patricia Hall Infante is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up in a large New York City congregation. Her first career as a contract negotiator was put on hold while she took the job of full-time mother to two wonderful boys (an investment that continues to pay dividends)....

Barry Finklestein

Barry Finkelstein has been a Unitarian Universalist congregational stewardship consultant since the Fall of 2007 and has worked with over fifty congregations on annual budget drives, capital campaigns, and strategic planning....

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