UU United Nations Office Climate Action Team Update
UU United Nations Office Climate Action Team Update
We are approaching the 1 since the launch of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office Climate Action Team Initiative. We are happy to report that a total of 16 Climate Action Teams have been established across the United States and Canada. While each Climate Action Team sets and works towards their own goals, all are connected through their greater purpose: respect for the greater web of existence of which we are apart Climate Action Teams are groups of individuals in congregations committed to combating climate change and environmental degradation. There are numerous ways teams work towards upholding this important mission - music, education, letter writing, blogging, social action, the list goes on. These groups of individuals work to rectify some of the greatest  moral, ethical, and survival issues of the 21st century. As a part of the larger UU family, they uphold principals outlined in the 2006 UUA Statement of Conscience: Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change  Many have  teamed-up with other groups in their congregation, community, as well as with larger UU environmental programs, and outside organization. For example, many teams have worked to get their congregations registered as a green sanctuary.  Several teams are also involved with local chapters of groups like the Sierra Club and Citizens Climate Lobby. We are also happy to see that some teams have even gotten involved with local officials in policy work regarding renewable energy, bans on plastic bags, and recycling programs.Though these collaborations, their work is made stronger and more effective. The UU-UNO affirms that there are many different sources and factors that have created the condition of climate change. As a result, there is not one solution. Instead, we must all use our unique skills, talents, and abilities to combat this injustice. This is one of the founding principals of the Climate Action Team Initiative. We are happy to know that so many are so many UUs committed to these important issues. Their work ensures the survival and well being of all of us, and our future generations. We urge you to stand with them and start a Climate Action Team in your congregation today! We can address climate change, but we must act now



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