Unitarian Universalism in Africa

By Eric Cherry

In this month's UU World, guest columnist Scott Kraft reports on the growth of Unitarian Universalism in Africa.
Originally introduced in 1857, Unitarian Universalism existed as a handful of UU congregations in South Africa and Nigeria; within the last ten years, numerous congregations have emerged in Uganda, Burundi, the Republic of the Congo, and Kenya.
As the availability and accessibility of technology (namely the internet and cell phones) is booming across the African continent, so, too, is the availability of and interest in information regarding Unitarian Universalism.
Kraft's article chronicles his visit to Kenya in November 2008, where he meets UU congregational leaders and learns about the political, social and spiritual background of the move towards progressive spirituality throughout the African continent.
The UU World article, "One Tribe, One People," is available here.
In November 2008, President Sinkford embarked on a 19-day pilgrimage through Africa, visiting UU congregations in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria. Reports, photos, slideshows, blog reflections and video documenting the journey are available online at www.uua.org/sinkfordafrica.

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Eric Cherry

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