Slumdog Millionaire

By Eric Cherry

The second in a series of blog posts this week inspired by movies highlighted in Sunday's Oscars Awards ceremony. Today, Kathy Sreedhar, the director of the UUA Holdeen India Program, talks about the movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Slumdog won eight academy awards, including best adapted screenplay, best director and best picture. I have to confess, I loved Slumdog Millionaire. But then I love uplifting, entertaining films, especially fairy tales. A guy gets his girl in the end, overcoming huge obstacles and having the luck to know just the right answers to the game show questions. However, the movie does not begin to address the basic structural and systemic problems of 836 million people in India who live on less than fifty cents a day. Nor does it show any courageous, committed leaders and groups who are organizing people to become aware of and demand their rights. . . .Maybe next time. Luckily for me, while I get to go to good movies in my spare time, I spend the bulk of my time with the UUA Holdeen India Program, engaged in the kind of system work that truly provides happy endings.

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Eric Cherry

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